Are they trying to steal our work?

Richard Broekman ( on 12-Sept-94
Can you guarantee me that TSR will _never_ sell my material to others? Or at least that they won't sell it without working out an agreement with me?
TSR's Net Representative, Rob Repp (
I'm not authorized to make that guarantee unilaterally. However, I can tell you that the intent we had when we started working with MPGNet was not to derive revenue from that site.
Kendall Bullen (
"Fascinating," in the word of Mr. Spock. . . . So he's admitting that (a) they might sell netters' stuff, and (b) their intentions might change at any time. (Not that they *will* or their intentions *will*change*, however leaving the door open means you can always walk through it if you want to.)
TSR's Net Representative, Rob Repp (
No, I'm "admitting" nothing. I'm saying that I'm not authorized to make any decisions about what we sell or don't sell. If I intimate that I DO make those decisions, I'll have to deal with complaints from product managers, etc. My intent is to get as close to saying it without actually saying it as I can. For a straight answer, ask Tim Brown, Willard Martens, or Pres. Lorraine Williams. They're able to make some calls about what gets sold. Further, I find it unlikely in the extreme that a company with as sharp a legal team as ours is going to simply grab someone's stuff and publish it without permission. I don't think that's lawful, and I'm certain the legal people would mention it during some meeting or other. :)
Larry Smith ( on 13-Sept-1994
Tell us about the balrog and the hobbits, again, Rob.