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From: mobius@Mercury.mcs.com (Rob Repp) Newsgroups: rec.games.frp.announce Subject: GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT Followup-To: rec.games.frp.dnd Date: Tue, 06 Sep 1994 16:15:40 -0500 Organization: TSR, Inc.
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR GENERAL DISTRIBUTION - PLEASE REPOST Recently, TSR, Inc. issued a policy statement regarding the unlicensed use of TSR owned trademarks and copyrights in several creative efforts published on the Internet. TSR's policy remains unchanged regarding these infringements. We generally ask that you do not publish materials which incorporate our trademarks and copyrights. However, we believe we have a working solution for gamers who wish to exchange via the Internet any gaming material they have created. TSR is pleased to announce a licensed Internet FTP file server. MPGNet's site (ftp to ftp.mpgn.com) will carry a license that allows your creations to be shared with the world via the Internet. In order to distribute your texts, software and message digests via this server, you must include the following disclaimer:
_______________________________________________________________________________ This item incorporates or is based on or derived from copyrighted material of TSR, Inc. and may contain trademarks of TSR. The item is made available by MPGNet under license from TSR, but is not authorized or endorsed by TSR. The item is for personal use only and may not be published or distributed except through MPGNet or TSR. _______________________________________________________________________________
In text files, this text must be placed at the top of the file where it will be seen immediately. In message logs from list servers, a file containing this text should be added to the archive file with the message texts, or be placed at the top of a compiled text file. For software distribution, a file containing this text should be added to the archive file with the software if the software has already been compiled, or added during development to a prominent display seen by the user when the software is launched. If you add this text to your work and upload it to ftp.mpgn.com, you can share your effort with the rest of the Internet. It does not give you permission to upload your creative effort to any unlicensed sites. Please note that you are not assigning any property rights to TSR, Inc. by uploading your work to this site. At this time, there is only one licensed site for distribution of these materials on the Internet. Presently, there are no mirrors being made available. We are aware of several requests for overseas and duplicate domestic sites. We are working to fulfill these requests. Also, several of the commercial online service providers are working with us to develop online forums which can carry these files. Thanks for your continued interest in our games.
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