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In transition

written by d7, on Dec 12, 2008 8:08:19 AM.

The RPG Blog Carnival topic for December is transformations and transitions, hosted by Critical Hits. That's very pertinent to me right now since I'm transitioning from being a working student to being either a plain ol' worker or a stay-at-home dad. (We'll see in January which it will be.)

That partly explains the sudden quiet here at the Seven-Sided headquarters. The other part is that my Elder Scrolls conversion for Savage Worlds is coming along swimmingly. I should have Magicka (as magic is called in TES lore) and character mechanics in general done this weekend, and some templated NPCs and monsters done next week. Wednesday the group will hit it with sticks and put it through its paces for a one-shot session.

For Magicka I was tempted to model it after the mechanics in TES3: Morrowind and TES4: Oblivion, but while chatting with Fimmtiu I realised that that way lay madness and I should take my own advice to just trust Savage Worlds' system to work well. I'm tweaking it a bit—the Power used determines which Skill test is needed and there is one Skill for each of the six Schools—but otherwise I've just been putting SW-style mechanics to classic TES spell effects. There are some easy equivalents like telekinesis and dispel which need no name change, and command humanoid which is just puppet renamed. Others are a bit tougher, but I have about 50% of the Powers worked out already.

This hasn't really been a Carnival post so I'm not submitting it, but it did get me to update, so there's that at least.

Bad spam blocker, no cookie for you!

written by d7, on Oct 5, 2008 10:49:09 AM.

I installed WP Captcha Free here the other day, but it appears to be a broken plugin at least with this version of WordPress. The trackback from Tommi's post about using random encounters in his fascinating dungeoncrawl game was never recognised, and Jonathan from The Core Mechanic emailed me to say that comments were being eaten by an "invalid data" error. Damn.

So, goodbye WP Captcha Free! You sucked, and I really should have done... um, any testing after installing you. Lesson learned.

I've got another post brewing about random encounters, inspired in part by some links that Jonathan's been collecting on Gygaxian naturalism.

New spam blocker

written by d7, on Sep 28, 2008 10:53:24 AM.

So far WP has caught all the spam comments I've gotten, but they're a pain to individually moderate. I've installed a spam-comment blocker that does some tricks with server-side timestamp hashes and javascript, which should be invisible to real commentors while blocking bots.

Which is to say, if you have any trouble commenting, send an email to d7 at my domain and please let me know.

Fall 2008 Wordle

written by d7, on Sep 22, 2008 9:56:51 AM. creates images out of text. It looks a lot like a tag cloud, but it pulls from the entirety of the text you give it so it's actually much more representational. The wordle at right is what the Seven-Sided Die looks like as of now to its parser.

I like that it says "probably indie games" up there in the middle. I think that's pretty accurate. If the site is still around and still free in a few months I might do another to see how much has (or hasn't) changed around here.

(Found via the excellent, though lately dormant, Yudhishthira's Dice.)