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New year, new blog engine

Posted Friday January 06, 2012 at 08:20 PM

The Seven-Sided Die is back for 2012 with a new engine—Zine. It's a small, flexible engine that doesn't have the high profile of Wordpress, and so isn't the constant target of crackers. As a bonus its smaller and saner code base is way easier to hack, and I've already customised it slightly. This pleases me. [1]

If there are any issues, comment or drop me an email at the address on the About page.

Doctor Checkmate once wrote, "Buying product after product has always been the methadone to treat the addiction to play."[2] I find myself that blogging and reading RPG blogs is also a treatment for wanting to play. Which is to say, oh look, I'm running a game right now and so I have, ironically, little urge or time to write blog posts.

I do have a blog post about the interaction of combat monkeys [3] and trying new game systems, but of course the urge to write that has been spent on getting the last few bits of this new blog engine working and moved to the production URL. I also would love to write about my group's experience playing Diaspora, but my ambitions and my time don't really see eye-to-eye.

I love/hate how musing out loud in order to get my thoughts in order (aka "blogging") so often turns out to read like the classic "sorry for not blogging lately" post. At the very least, I'm optimistic that a blogging platform that requires less fucking-around-with will give me a better posts written : time spent on the blog ratio.

So, onward to 2012!

[1]It also has built-in support for footnoting by using reStructuredText as its text parser. This pleases me immensely. [4]
[2]Sadly, that blog post seems to have disappeared.
[3]A term of affection, rest assured.
[4]Oh gods, the default footnote styling needs to be fixed with fire. Still some fucking-with to be done, clearly…

Comments (2)

Mike Monaco

Sunday January 29, 2012 at 02:41 AM

Glad you're back!


Sunday February 05, 2012 at 12:18 AM

Thanks! It's nice to have a site that isn't broken anymore. One less barrier to actually updating…