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RPG blog reader survey

Posted Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 02:19 AM

Inkwell Ideas is running a survey of roleplaying blog readers. The aim is to get some idea of what frequent readers of roleplaying blogs like and dislike about the blogs they read. There are questions about content as well as the way the site is set up. I contributed a few questions that I'm curious about, especially ones about what features of blogs people like. There are so many ways to set up a blog that there's no standard, and I find that as a reader I've come to prefer sites that offer me certain features that make participating or following the blog easier. I would be foolish to assume that what I like as a reader is universal, so I'm particularly curious about that part of the survey.

If you're interested in helping the roleplaying bloggerwebs improve a bit (or just like clicking ticky boxes), head over to the roleplaying blog reader survey. It's short—about 25 multiple-choice questions—and the results will be released to everyone in a couple of weeks at Inkwell Ideas. There are already some early results posted for the curious and impatient.

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