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Posted Sunday October 05, 2008 at 05:49 PM

I installed WP Captcha Free here the other day, but it appears to be a broken plugin at least with this version of WordPress. The trackback from Tommi's post about using random encounters in his fascinating dungeoncrawl game was never recognised, and Jonathan from The Core Mechanic emailed me to say that comments were being eaten by an "invalid data" error. Damn.

So, goodbye WP Captcha Free! You sucked, and I really should have done... um, any testing after installing you. Lesson learned.

I've got another post brewing about random encounters, inspired in part by some links that Jonathan's been collecting on Gygaxian naturalism.

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Sunday October 05, 2008 at 11:18 PM

TESTING TESTING 1... 2... 3...

is this mic on?

Oh.. ahh.. ahem... Well, I just wanted to say Thanks! for the props! and.. wohoo! my google notebook gets a link! heh...

(hope this works...)


Friday October 10, 2008 at 03:52 PM

That worked! Thanks for the heads-up and the link-love.