The Seven-Sided Die

Nearly finished map

Posted Wednesday August 13, 2008 at 03:17 PM

I'm almost finished the map I was working on using this tutorial. It still needs a compass rose, title banner, nice border, and other finishing touches like that, but the natural and societal geography is done. For some reason, when I export to PNG it gets a shade darker than what I see in the Gimp, which is minor but annoying.

I still need to name this region, though. It's a region of independent towns and cities scattered across wilderness, sandwiched between a fallen empire to the south and the endless* plains to the north, and the high mountains to the east and... something to the west. Maybe something involving a lot of water, or perhaps giant bees.

Any suggestions for a name?

* Not really endless, but I forget the name of the tribal elven country on the far side that one of my players came up with.

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